This the main page
This is my about section.

I'm learning HTML

This is not my first webpage. I've actually had two before. But those two sites I made with software or by copying and pasting, and not by learning HTML. So this is my first web page where I actually learned HTML to make it.

This is what I am using to learn HTML.
An example of HTML code

<h1>Hello World!</h1>

My Daily Schedule

Let me tell you how I:
   ... I learn more about web dev.
   ... I plan out my schedule.
   ... I use resources from MDN.

I am also learning Javascript.

It was easy at first, but now, it's really hard understand.

I want to keep going, but I'm struggling to push through it. I'm particularly stuck on the part of functions.

Things I'd like to learn in Javascript.

Functions and algorithms.

Programming languages I don't want to learn

Python and Java. No way! I'm already struggling with HTML, I can't imagine any of these two. I'd be to hard!

This is my ordered list, about what I want!

  1. I want to learn more about programming
  2. I want to learn more about music
  3. I want to learn more about web security
  4. I want to learn more about web development in general.
  5. I want to read more books.

This is my disorganized list about my wishes!

Lanuages I want to learn

I hear this is really useful. Also, my mom used it for university. Maybe I can use it there too.
This is the language this website uses!
I want to use this to make my website pretty.